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Central Surrey Health

Central Surrey Health to save around 120 tonnes of CO2 emissions, 12 tonnes in consumables and hundreds of thousands of pounds by switching their print fleet.

Social enterprise Office Odyssey replaces Central Surrey Health’s laser print fleet with Epson’s heat-free inkjet printers and becomes their sole managed print service provider.

Central Surrey Health (CSH) is an NHS service provider delivering a wide range of acute hospital care, adult community health services in the areas of mid and north west Surrey and children’s NHS community services across the whole of Surrey.

CSH Surrey was the first social enterprise of its kind to be created out of the NHS in 2006. Then, a pioneering group of more than 560 nurses and therapists chose to set up their own business, believing they could deliver higher quality healthcare independently. CSH Surrey’s experience influenced Government policy, and in 2011, hundreds more public sector workers chose to follow the example of CSH Surrey

Pete Cairns joined CSH in 2019 as the interim head of infrastructure services and was tasked with, among other things, rationalising IT hardware and support agreements across the organisation. 

The print fleet numbered around 270 units and comprised managed laser MFD products from two OEM direct providers as well as self-managed local printers. After analysing the market costs for print, Pete decided to put CSH print operations out to tender with the aim of choosing one print services supplier. The two incumbent suppliers were invited to take part as well as a third option. Office Odyssey had recently got in touch with CSH to make them aware of low energy Epson print products and the possibility of delivering social value at the same time as cutting the footprint – carbon footprint and social value are key drivers for CSH and so Office Odyssey was invited to conduct its own audit and to put forward a response to the MPS tender.

Founded in 2018, Office Odyssey is a social enterprise dedicated to creating work for neuro-diverse people and those with other barriers to work while cutting the carbon footprint of their clients’ print operations. Office Odyssey are the UK’s leading supplier of Epson Business Inkjet products with deep experience of deploying and supporting Business Inkjet.

“The idea of using a fellow social enterprise was appealing and we always work to reduce CO² emissions in everything we do, however, our requirements for reliability and good quality products and support will always be the key factors. Print failure would impact clinical care and so only the most reliable products and suppliers can be deployed. Discussions with Office Odyssey and Epson UK gave us the assurance that their partnership was credible and they were therefore invited to participate.

“During a 6-month trial, we put an Epson 25ppm machine side-by-side with a competing 45ppm machine, leaving a comment book next to it so that CSH colleagues- each a shareholder in the company – could give their feedback on the printing. When we started the testing phase, the performance was from both machines was not as expected. 

“Office Odyssey and Epson went much further than their competitors in identifying network factors that were causing print delays. They ensured that not only their own product was performing at optimal levels, their competitor’s product was too. As promised by Office Odyssey, thanks to no warm up time the ”slower” Epson products outperformed the “faster” laser device for our typical document production. Where we required high running speeds, Epson’s 100 page per minute option was significantly faster than competitors for high volume print jobs.”

Epson products delivered the best results and Office Odyssey delivery the most attentive and effective service provision; with Office Odyssey also providing the best value proposal, CSH awarded them a five year contract. The pandemic delayed rollout but by the end of September 2020, Office Odyssey had installed 124 Epson business inkjet printers across their 50-60 locations, consisting of 105 x mono and colour desktop devices and 19 x work group devices, including 10 from Epson’s flagship WorkForce Enterprise printer range. Office Odyssey 

By trialling the inkjet fleet under Office Odyssey’s stewardship and using the Epson Print Admin tool to monitor and control print costs, CSH were able to identify that they could reduce the volume of printers installed across their sites without compromising productivity. Thanks to this more carefully balanced deployment of heat-free inkjet printers, CSH reduced their CO2 emissions by 86% (120 tonnes), reduced their consumables by 97% (12 tonnes), and reduced their costs by £100,000 per annum.

Paul Bellew, Managing Director at Office Odyssey, said: “CSH were careful in their tender process and we were pleased to welcome them as a client. We replaced their legacy products and software and provided training to their 1,500 users. Secure GDPR compliant print and scan systems were installed with a complete reporting system to give CSH a complete view of their print estate and user activity. Thanks to winning CSH as a client, we’ve been able to offer permanent employment to two people with barriers to work who has previously been long-term unemployed” 

Cairns continued: “We are very pleased with the service and with the products supplied by Office Odyssey. I’ve got a much stronger service management capability across 50 to 60 locations and with Epson Print Admin I have a software that enables me to reduce unnecessary printing where possible and operate more efficiently. When CSH was awarded the contract to operate the Epsom Raceground mass COVID vaccination centre in late 2020 we did not hesitate to order additional Epson products for this vital requirement. CSH is looking forward to a long and happy relationship  with Office Odyssey.”

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