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EG Group saves 50 tonnes in CO2 emissions on printer upgrade with Epson

  • Social enterprise Office Odyssey installs 575 mono Epson printers across across EG Group’s site network in the United Kingdom.
  • Using Epson MPS (Managed Print Services), EG Group are looking to install a further 5,000 printers across their other international networks.
  • EG Group will receive *estimated savings through business inkjet (versus previous laser printer installation) of: 49,355kg (86% saved) reduced CO2 emissions (energy consumption alone), 179,400 fewer kWh of energy, 16,600 fewer consumables, and 15% financial savings, based on a five-year term.
  • 51% of Office Odyssey profits will go to charities such as  TRACK NN, which supports autistic people in gaining employment through training, consultancy and other opportunities.

Print and copy social enterprise Office Odyssey, which exclusively resells Epson printers on account of their low environmental footprint, has concluded an MPS contract of 575 Epson mono business inkjet printers to each Euro Garages site across the UK. Euro Garages operate fuel and non-fuel services stations (e.g. Spar and Starbucks outlets) across the UK. Thanks to the installation of the WorkForce WF-M5799DWF, which replaced Euro Garages’ previous fleet of laser printers, they are saving (over a five-year period calculation): 49,355kg in CO2 emissions (which doesn’t include the carbon footprint associated with increased consumables), 179,400 kWh in energy, 16,600 consumables, and 15% in printing costs. *These savings were calculated from Epson’s CO2 and electricity calculator based on a five-year period (for full details see at the bottom). 

Paul Bellew, owner of Office Odyssey, said: “The biggest problem Euro Garages were facing was around their laser printer consumables. They were burning through around 300 toner cartridges and drums each month, with each unit printing 2,000 pages before having to be changed. Toner consumables were being stockpiled across their different sites, where there was limited space, and their supplier wasn’t always getting it to them on time, which led to a significant impact on their productivity and costs. I told them we had a unit with the largest ink yield in the segment that could print 40,000 pages with only one single ink bag. This was the turning point. 

“With each Euro Garages store producing 1,000 pages per month on average, our recommended Epson printer provides over three years worth of printing out of the box, meaning that 30 consumable changes per unit over five years could be reduced to just one.”

Following Paul’s recommendation, Euro Garages put the Epson product to the test by sampling 40 units over a four-month period. This was done through Epson’s managed printer service (MPS), Epson Print Performance. Once Euro Garages were fully satisfied with the 40 units, they commissioned a further 395, and once they were happy with this another 180. The success of this installation from Office Odyssey and the proven results of the Epson printer has led Euro Garages to standardise their international printer fleet with Epson across their 5,000 additional sites in Europe, North and South America and Australia. 

Javid Patel, Head of Purchasing for EG Group, said: “As a growing international, customer-centric organisation, our priority when considering any operational change is to ensure we retain our high standards of efficiency and customer experience. Paul’s energy-saving proposition with the Epson printer aligned closely with our global commitment to build a sustainable business model, and it beat any stereotype that eco savings would be a compromise on cost or productivity. We print shelf edge labelling and pricing with our in-store printers so any interruption to the printing has an immediate effect on the shop floor. I’m happy that the Epson installation has cut our costs and has increased the reliability of essential store printing operations.” 

Founded in October 2018, Office Odyssey is the UK’s first social enterprise specialising in the print and copier sector. The deal with Euro Garages has enabled Office Odyssey to fund another employee so that they may continue their success story in the print and copy sector, and deliver further support to people with autism through the charity TRACK NN

Results taken from Epson’s CO2 and electricity calculator.

575 x previous laser printer device 575 x Epson WF-M5799

Fiveyear consumables


17,250 575

Fiveyear energy


209,300 kWh 29,900 kWh

Fiveyear carbon dioxide


57,581 kg 8,226 kg
Cost saving 15%


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